Sol Fried. Registered Psychotherapist, MA, BA.


I was drawn into the world of therapy at two years old, having become profoundly deaf due to meningitis. For the next seven years, I saw a therapist weekly to learn to speak and to hear and practiced every day and night with my mother. As a child, I was always drawn to animals, especially horses, and found peace and comfort when in their presence. I still believe in the healing power of animals, and they have taught me a great deal about the importance of having a safe space held for you. As an adult, I wished to give back to humanity, by helping others on their healing journey through psychotherapy and holding safe space. 


We all have our unique stories, yet we all share common emotions and pain. I am honoured to hear your story and am inspired by the healing power of each of my clients. Together we will explore your life and your stories at a pace that feels right and true for your unique needs. The aim of this work is for you to become free of emotional pain and turmoil. The therapy that I provide is a journey of self-discovery where you will learn and grow. I provide a therapeutic environment where you will feel heard and empowered to make positive changes.


I use a variety of approaches in therapy, which will be explored together to find the one that works best for you. From clinical hypnosis to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), narrative therapy to solution-focused therapy, you will be heard and respected without judgment. 


I provide services to adolescents, adults, and seniors. As a person who has been deaf since early childhood, I have learned to speak and hear through the benefits of technology, including a cochlear implant. I am uniquely qualified to work with clients who identify as a person with a disability. As a person with a disability, I identify with life challenges and role model resilience, compassion, perseverance, and hope. I am inclusive of all cultures, faiths, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

If you are feeling lost, struggling with depression or anxieties, relationship issues, lifelong disabilities, or trauma, I will work on this journey with you. My goal is for you to feel lighter and more at peace within your life through our time together.