"The moment you unconditionally accept your shadows of pain, you awaken and realize you are the light of Love "

Tracey Nguyen.

Tracey Nguyen.


You’re plagued by more than a mental or physical health challenge termed by western medicine and psychology; the suffering you face feels of an existential nature and a disconnection that cannot be solved with only traditional talk therapy. 


You. need. more 


The fear, sadness, pain, inner battle and suffering you feel is woven so deep in your core’s DNA and nervous system that it continues to unconsciously control the way your heart beats, lungs breathe and bowels digest. 


Unconditional Love and True Forgiveness is what you seek. 


Personal freedom and re-owning your Power is what you desire. 

Health and longevity is not counted in years like we are taught, 

but in the rhythm of your heart, 

the depth of your breaths 

and the flowing pace of your digestion. 


Corporate America’s mantra of “striving for, faster, better and more” 

has stolen you from your heart’s presence. 


You. are. deeply. exhausted. 


You yearn for a sustainable paradigm shift and a renewed way of living: 

To feel safe and serene deep within your body, 

To feel intimately connected, 

and to feel free in your innermost creative expression 

To be seen, felt and deeply understood in all of who you are; 

To discover your freedom and live an authentic life with meaning




Live by your own life’s rhythm, 

and on your own creative terms; 

breathe slower, and rest deeply, 

with more ease and more grace.

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Dear one, 

My name is Tracey Nguyen; I’m a master's prepared nurse (with advanced nursing knowledge in client-therapeutic communication) and a Holistic Counsellor; I am certified in Gestalt Methodology and Applied Mindfulness Meditation, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki & Yoga. I provide a multi-dimensional and embodied approach towards counselling and psychotherapy. 


The following healing methods and applications I use in practice are: 


● Mindfulness & the letting go technique 

● Somatic experiencing, body-based & psychosomatic healing 

● Gestalt methodology and shadow-work 

● Music therapy and expressive arts 

● Emotional development and spiritual growth philosophy 


These methods aim to heal you at the embodied level, cellular and nervous-limbic system deep. Your body houses your unconscious psyche and most of your life circumstances, decisions, and behaviour occur from this level. When we free up states of negativity and release attachments, all aspects of life improve naturally. 


These healing methods are evidence-based, supported by neuroscience, muscle-testing and heart-rate-variability tests. These healing practices toward personal safety and serenity is, therefore, sacred art and a science; But more than this, it is your spiritual birthright. 


I may help individuals who can identify with:


  • Challenges with living in reality 

  • Obsessions about love and romance

  • Co-dependency 

  • Narcissistic abuse - Empath/HSP (highly sensitive person) symptoms of feeling overwhelmed easily or too much

  •  Attachment Trauma/ Trauma Bonding 


  • Emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), emotional dysregulation

  • BPD 

  • Spiritual awakening symptoms of identity disruption, loss of interest in life, career and in search of truth, purpose and meaningful living 


Whether you are suffering from feeling unstable or intense emotions, personality challenges, identity confusion, toxic type of love relationships, co-dependencies, chronic anxiety, depression, feeling lost, scattered or confused; or have chronic psychosomatic (bowel syndromes, lungs, skin, headaches, autoimmune) ailments that can’t seem to be solved with anything else - I can guide you towards your own self-healing. 


I listen to your story and create a holistic assessment of your unique and creative needs as a person. I guide you to create intentions of what your innermost heart desires are and guide you in surrendering towards them. I aim to work with you in ways that integrate the shadow aspects within yourself, so you can feel more light and whole as a human being. 


I help you foster a kind of safety and security that is beyond this physical world. I guide you to cultivate unconditional acceptance within yourself so that you can re-own all of who you are. I will also help you access inner healing that releases you, through your body, frees your heart and your voice. 


Wherever, however and unapologetically whoever you are in the moment, 

I will create a safe and intentional space and show up with you. 

Let’s heal and discover your human potential, together. 



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Medical and Health Disclaimer: 

The practitioner, Tracey Nguyen, does not make diagnoses outside of nursing diagnostic assessments. The practices and methodologies used by this practitioner may support the therapeutic process and facilitate healing to improve the person’s psychological, emotional and physiological functioning; she does not claim to cure any psychiatric or medical diagnosis and her practice with clients should not replace any other medical practitioners, medicines and treatment plans that are actively treating the client’s disorders and diseases. In addition, the practices and methodologies used are non-religious (not subject or bound by religious or monastic rules) and do not interfere or conflict with other forms of treatment and religious practice. Should there be any impending or imminent emergencies related to personal or psychological harm, please call the emergency hotline in your closest vicinity or call 911.