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Andrea Fennell. Registered Psychotherapist



Hi, I’m Andrea. Fennell, I am a registered psychotherapist. People come to me when they are experiencing grief, anxiety, depression, stress, have struggles with codependency, or need to heal from past traumas so that they can move forward in their lives. I am an ally of our LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC communities and am dedicated to providing affirming care for all.

Before I became a therapist, I was a child youth worker for over a decade. From this work, I became aware of how the environments and relationships we have though out our childhoods and into our early adult years can really impact our outcomes mentally and emotionally as we become adults. This motivated me to go on my own healing journey, I found counselling to be an important part of what helped me to expand my awareness about who I was, who I am, and who I wanted to be. There is a truly transformational power of having your experience witnessed by another person with compassion and acceptance. With the help of therapy, I began to understand the impacts of generational, developmental, and complex trauma, as well as PTSD. A pivotal point came as I explored how my nervous system could gently release stored beliefs and conditionings that no longer served me on my life journey from much of the stress of the past, and I was able to really restore my mind-body connection.



After moving forward on my own journey, I developed a deep desire to learn more about mental health education and embodied healing approaches like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. The more I studied psychotherapy, the more that I realized this was the right path for me. I trained in many different modalities that are helpful for inner work, including Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Grief counselling, and Trauma-informed Counselling. These skills are great at helping people to set boundaries, tune into and trust your inner guidance, and cultivate self-compassion.



I work from a place of knowing that deep healing can often be achieved through a mind-body-spirit connection. Along with individual therapy, I believe there is much that can be achieved through group work. I’ve seen the powerful effects that can happen when a person learns that they are not alone in their suffering and that we all have the internal capacity to manage our own well-being with co-regulation. This means we can heal more when the person we are seeking support from meets us with a more regulated nervous system.

As your therapist, I will offer you a safe, gentle, and nonjudgemental space for you to explore all aspects of your current, past, and future self. We will go at a pace that feels right for you. I look forward to walking a little while with you on your journey.

Take care,


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