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Couples Therapy



If you’re even considering therapy, you are probably wondering what your life could look like if you had more answers. The first step is being willing to find solutions and look for the resources to support you. 

Whatever your needs might be, I am here for you. Therapy is meant to be flexible, comfortable, and safe. If you sometimes imagine a space where you can be authentically you, welcome home. Maybe you’ve never had a place where you could be 100% honest with another person or yourself. Therapy is meant to be a space for you to own all of your feelings and maybe even uncover things you didn’t know about yourself.



We will work together on how to make changes towards your best life - an improved relationship with yourself. Yes, that’s right, your relationship with yourself is the most important aspect of your life to nourish and heal. together we can unpack your vision for a different reality and way of being. We can talk through the pain you have experienced and begin to reclaim the life you want to live. 



"Listen to hear, not to speak" - Julia 

If you are looking for support in your relationship, and you and your partner are feeling disconnected or at an impasse I am here for you. Understanding what you both bring into the relationship is key. Issues such as infidelity, grief and trauma have massive impacts on the way that you and your partner interact.

I have specialized training in working with both partners/couples and families that I will bring to our sessions. We will look at how to rebuild trust, find common ground and remembering what drew you both together at the start of your relationship. I encourage you to show up feeling any or all of these emotions so that we can make sense of your experience to heal and grow.


I understand that grief is a deeply personal experience, and there are a lot of expectations for how we “should” be grieving. With me, you can rest assured that there are no expectations for how you grieve. I hold only the belief that your experience is unique to you and should be honoured. Anything other than that can be an unhelpful message to us that we are broken or doing something “wrong”.

My own experiences with loss have taught me that there is no right answer. If you show up as your authentic self, with any emotion, be truthful and intentional you will be truly heard by me, with support and understanding at each step of your grieving process.

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