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Magdalena "Maggie" Karakehayova. Registered Psychotherapist 


Hi, I’m Magdalena (or Maggie if you’d like),


I am a registered psychotherapist who provides support for individuals, relationship counselling (including those with alternative relationship models), family therapy, and young people ages 10 and older. As a therapist, I aim to foster a non-judgemental space that is customized for your specific needs. This is your time to use as you see fit, and your personal journey to mental well-being and healing is one that you get to set the pace of. I act as a guide in this process, helping to bridge understanding, make connections, and challenge thoughts and behaviours that may be holding you or your relationships back. My therapeutic style is collaborative and person-centered, I am here to work with you to figure out what you need to feel empowered in your life. 


I have benefited from therapy and found it to be a supportive and healing time, where I was able to explore my innermost thoughts and make new connections through verbalizing, reflecting, and processing my experiences and perspectives. Therapy was also a supportive medium to cultivate spiritual growth, as it allowed me to consider and challenge certain beliefs that were no longer serving me in my life. Counselling helped me to navigate pivotal learning curves and offered me steady growth so that I could grow and flourish during challenging moments in my life.


My motivation to become a therapist stems from my sincere belief that you already have everything that is needed within yourself to navigate life. It’s about tapping into your own inner wisdom, to discover how to grow from the obstacles that come with this shared human existence. I position myself as someone who can offer care, so you are not alone while you sort through your doubts and fears. Together we can uncover your inner strength, and learn who you are when you are fully tuned into your truth and wisdom.


For me, caring for your mental health is not just having therapy sessions with a counsellor. I believe that we need to start looking at our outer lives, as well as our inner world in order to create meaningful, lasting change. This includes home life, career, and even hobbies/interests. Personally speaking, my most significant therapeutic activity is spending downtime with my family and partner, as well as my beloved furry companions, and disconnecting from my mobile devices. I also value and prioritize relaxing and recharging outside in nature whenever possible.


Wherever you are on your healing journey, I will meet you on your path. Please reach out if you’d like to have a consultation, I look forward to hearing from you.

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