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Marie Bonin, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) 


It takes courage to reach out, and I am here to support you as you navigate your own journey through life. I take a warm, down-to-earth, empathetic, and compassionate approach to therapy, providing a supportive space where you can feel that you can truly be yourself. I want to help you find the meaning you are looking for in your life, working with you to build self-esteem/self-confidence and self-love. If you are having trouble finding your purpose, reaching your goals, working through big life changes, feeling lost, alone, or “stuck”, I would love for you to reach out.  

Challenge yourself!

My curiosity, sensitivity, and empathy towards every person’s unique life experience, and my personal understanding of how powerful therapy can be is what drove me to pursue my desire to support others through life’s challenges. After my own self-work to change my direction, discover my purpose, build up my confidence and courage to heal, I want to do the same for others. Life can be challenging, confusing, and overwhelming at times. I am here to provide a safe space to navigate these experiences without judgment. This is your journey, and I am here to collaborate with you to uncover the resilience and strength that you already have within, even if it is difficult to feel this way right now. 


The therapeutic approaches I take are person-centered, collaborative, strength-based, and trauma-informed. I value the mind/body/spirit connection to wellness, and I understand there is a complexity and uniqueness to every person’s life experiences. I believe you to be the expert in your own life and believe that you are the one that knows what is best for you. I will show up to our space with support, empathy, compassion, and encouragement to help you discover what it is you need to live your life with a feeling of hope and fulfillment.   

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